Saturday, September 6, 2008

Reader's Workshop Technology Resources

Do you have one or two computers in your elementary classroom that you would like to turn into a literacy skills learning station for students to use during your reader's workshop independent work/skills block time?

These links can be used to support reading instruction by the teacher with the class during skills block instruction or by students working independently during literacy work time.

Reader's Theater Scripts on the Internet

Myths and Folklore


Word Build & Bank

Acrostic Poems

Hints About Print

Flip Book


Picture Match

Venn Diagram

What's in the Bag?

Word Wizard

Word Family Sort

Alphabet Organizer

Diamante Poems

Fact Fragment Frenzy

Eye On Idioms

Sight Words

Vocabulary Booklets

Flash Cards With Printable Results

Word Searches

Sight Word Spelling Checker

Challenging Spelling List


Keynote and PowerPoint Slideshows


If you use other resources, please add a comment to share them.