Saturday, February 25, 2017

Arts For All - Create Interactive Books With Book Creator

Ever wish that you could whisper in your student's ear while they are reading or working a math problem? What if every iBook you created had a personalized instructor or eCoach that could prompt students with metacognitive questions or remind them to use particular strategies? You could provide just-in-time support to your students even when you're not at their elbow or looking over their shoulder. If this sounds like a way to clone yourself and provide extra support to your students, then this session is just what you need.

Meet Your Personalized Instructor

Session Description:
Learn how to create talking metacognitive eBook coaches with free and low cost iOS apps. Snap a selfie or use a photo of a pet or even a cartoon, add a movable mouth, and record directions, homework hints, timely tips, and encouragement, and then app smash these recordings into your eBook creation app of choice. Voila ~ you have a personalized metacognitive coach to guide your students through tasks or to create a read aloud eBook.

Download some or all of the apps below to play along today.
Book Creator for iPad

Book Creator Free

Book Creator is also available for Windows and Android.

Book Creator Basics - How to get started creating your first book.

Book Creator Support - Help topics and tutorials for iPads and Android devices.

Camera App - Video - Use the camera app on your iPad in video mode to record yourself giving directions or hints.

Photos and built-in audio tool in Book Creator - Take a picture of something with your camera app on your iPad  and add narration with the audio tool in the Inspector in Book Creator.

ChatterPix Kid

Sunday, February 12, 2017

iPad Tips: Use Markup To Annotate Photos On Your iPad

Did you know you can use the Markup extension to annotate photos on your iPad? Markup may be one of the best hidden gems of iOS 10.2.

Markup is available in the editing menu of your Photo app. Markup allows you to write on your photos, add text, and magnify portions of your photo to call attention to details. Annotated photos are saved in the Camera Roll of your Photos App where you can share them with ease.

Photos Markup - Annotate Your Photos

Additional iPad Tips