Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Schoology NEXT 2017 - Technology Implementation and Change Management Presentation

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Today I had the honor of presenting with colleagues from my district on Technology Integration and Change Management at the Schoology NEXT 2017 Conference in Chicago.

For many teachers, it is a Big Change to move from traditional classroom design to one where technology like Schoology supports personalization. This session will use the example of a large urban school district to explore successful ways to support teachers and school communities through the change process. Participants will review an implementation of their own, considering project management, vision, communication, needs identification/addressing, and review/reworking as means to build trust and ease the transition.

1. An understanding of the pattern to the way people react to change
2. A planning tool to use in analyzing a change underway in their organization
3. Examples of how an urban school district is managing change
4. Ideas for how to manage change in their organization


Change Management: Professional Development and Process