Wednesday, August 5, 2015

iPadPaloozaMN: Turn Your iPad Into A Document Camera

Are you thinking about purchasing a document camera for your classroom? If you have an iPad, then this session may change your mind completely and save you hundreds of dollars!

Turn Your iPad Into A Document Camera With The Stage App

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iPlay Midway Session Description:
Learn how to use the free Stage app to transform your iPad into a document camera. Annotate on top of a live image, add labels to draw attention to things, and snap a photo that can be posted on a website or airdropped to students. 

AppsStage: Interactive Whiteboard and Document Camera  - free

Stage Pro: Interactive Whiteboard and Document Camera - Paid app - $4.99*

Quick Tutorial Video

Belkin Portable Tablet Stand
Amazon listing

Belkin Overview of Portable Table Stand

*Price listed reflects the price at the time this blog post was written. App prices may change in the App Store.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

iPadPaloozaMN: Create Metacognitive eBook Coaches

Ever wish that you could whisper in your student's ear while they are reading or working a math problem? What if every iBook you created had a personalized instructor or eCoach that could prompt students with metacognitive questions or remind them to use particular strategies? You could provide just-in-time support to your students even when you're not at their elbow or looking over their shoulder. If this sounds like a way to clone yourself and provide extra support to your students, then this session is just what you need.

Meet Your Personalized Instructor

Session Description:
Learn how to create talking metacognitive eBook coaches with free and low cost iOS apps. Snap a selfie or use a photo of a pet or even a cartoon, add a movable mouth, and record directions, homework hints, timely tips, and encouragement, and then app smash these recordings into your eBook creation app of choice. Voila ~ you have a personalized metacognitive coach to guide your students through tasks or to create a read aloud eBook.

Download some or all of the apps below to play along today.
Book Creator for iPad

Camera App - Video - Use the camera app on your iPad in video mode to record yourself giving directions or hints.

Photos and built-in audio tool in Book Creator - Take a picture of something with your camera app on your iPad  and add narration with the audio tool in the Inspector in Book Creator.

Paper Fifty-Three 


ChatterPix Kid

Tellagami - free and in-app purchases

My Talking Avatar - free and paid versions

Crazy Talk Free

My Pet Can Talk


Animate Me

Photo Talk Free


Green Screen by Do Ink

Explain Everything

Photo Blather - In order to save need to pay $0.99 in app fee for Extras

MorfoIn order to save need to pay $0.99 in app fee for Extras

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Book Creator for iPad App Giveaway
Click above if you want to be entered into a random giveaway for the Book Creator for iPad App
courtesy of Book Creator and were present for the session.

    Saturday, August 1, 2015

    EdCamp Global - iBook and eBook Creation

    Are you interested in Creating iBooks and eBooks to Personalize and Publish Student Learning? If you are thinking "Yes!," then click the link below to join the Google Hangout for this EdCamp Global session.

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    Session Description: August 1, 12:00 P.M. CDT
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    There are lots of reasons to create iBooks/eBooks for your students. Maybe the textbook for the content area that you teach is out-dated and you want your students to have up-to-date information. Perhaps it is difficult to find or expensive to purchase leveled reading books or books with a controlled set of vocabulary for your students. Maybe you are creating supplemental materials to go along with your content area text and you want to nicely package text and multimedia together. Or maybe you want to  provide a more authentic, project-based, and shareable method for students to show what they learned in your class or during Genius Time. Whatever the reason, it is easy to create and publish iBooks/eBooks and distribute them. Join the conversation and share your knowledge as part of EdCamp Global.

    Click here to participate in the Hangouts On Air Event Page

    Shared Resources:
    Join the conversation and chime in during the hangout and add resources to the shared Google Doc.

    Several resources are listed below, but please add more resources in the shared Doc or in the comments at the end of the blog post.

    iBook and eBook Creation Tools
    Book Creator - iPad app and PC computer app
    iBooks Author - app for Mac computers
    iBooks - iPad and Mac computer app for reading iBooks

    Creative Commons Licensed Images
    Morgue File
    Wylie Image Search
    World Images
    Animal Photos
    The Noun Project
    Google Images Advanced Search - Free to Use and Share

    Image Source

    Book Creator For iPad
    Great app that allows you to easily create iBooks featuring images, great fonts, narration, music, and video right on the iPad. Simple enough for young students to use but capable of creating beautiful books loaded with interactive elements.

    Imports video from Photos/Camera Roll.

    Built-in recording tool or import audio from iTunes library.

    Google Drive
    iTunes - with iTunes Producer
    iTunes U
    Learning Management System

    Sample Books
    Book Creator has many sample books pinned on the Book Creator Pinterest page.

    Student-created books: (You may need to tap on the image below and wait a few seconds for the dots to appear. Tap on the dots to see student-created books from @MathyCathy.)

    There are lots of helpful articles in the Support section of the Book Creator Red Jumper website.

    Image Source
    iBooks Author
    iBooks Author is an app that runs on Mac computers and allows you to create multimedia-rich books loaded with swappable and tappable interactive elements in addition to a myriad of fonts, images, slideshows, video, and audio. Built-in and third party widgets allow for self-check reviews, slideshows, image galleries, and 3D objects that can be manipulated.

    Format - .mp4 file extension

    Format - AAC  - .m4a file extension

    Other Widget Creation Tools
    Bookry - sign up for free account
    iAD Producer - free
    Tumult Hype

    File Types
    Image Source
    iba - editable iBooks Author file
    ibooks - finished book - cannot be edited

    Google Drive
    iTunes - with iTunes Producer
    iTunes U
    Learning Management System

    Interactive iBook Example
    Sample book showing some of the interactivity that you can quickly create with iBooks Author, the standard iBooks Author widgets, and some of the Bookry widgets.
    Downloading on an iPad:
    Tap on the link above > Download > Direct download > No thanks, continue to download (at the bottom of the pop up window) > Open in "iBooks" (This won't appear until the book has downloaded to your iPad so there may be a short pause depending on your Internet connection.)

    Many free books created with iBooks Author are available for download from the iTunes Store.

    Mirroring iPad to Computer
    Image Source
    You can mirror the screen of your iPad onto your computer, which can then be projected or recorded by using the Reflector app on your computer. This makes it easy to project your iPad for your
    students or for a presentation while still allowing you to move around the room and to make videos or screencast tutorials of your iPad screen.

    Other Apps or Resources?
    Are there other apps or resources that I did not mention that you use for creating and publishing books? If yes, please share them in a comment below.