Wednesday, August 5, 2015

iPadPaloozaMN: Turn Your iPad Into A Document Camera

Are you thinking about purchasing a document camera for your classroom? If you have an iPad, then this session may change your mind completely and save you hundreds of dollars!

Turn Your iPad Into A Document Camera With The Stage App

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iPlay Midway Session Description:
Learn how to use the free Stage app to transform your iPad into a document camera. Annotate on top of a live image, add labels to draw attention to things, and snap a photo that can be posted on a website or airdropped to students. 

AppsStage: Interactive Whiteboard and Document Camera  - free

Stage Pro: Interactive Whiteboard and Document Camera - Paid app - $4.99*

Quick Tutorial Video

Belkin Portable Tablet Stand
Amazon listing

Belkin Overview of Portable Table Stand

*Price listed reflects the price at the time this blog post was written. App prices may change in the App Store.

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