Saturday, March 3, 2012

CNN Student News

Looking for a great daily source of student-friendly, engaging news videos? Check out CNN Student News for free daily video broadcasts of current news designed to engage students.

What is CNN Student News?
CNN Student News is a free ten-minute daily news program produced for middle and high school students Monday through Friday.

How can you get the content automatically?
You can subscribe to CNN Student News through iTunes and download the daily podcast automatically each time that you open iTunes when connected to the internet by following the steps in the embedded video below.

Flipped Classroom

How can you maximize your classroom time with your students and provide resources that will help students prepare for class, review after a lesson, and revisit materials and recordings for support? Try "Flipping Your Classroom!"

What is the Flipped Classroom model?

Transforming your direct instruction/lecture into a format that students can watch/listen to it at home and then using class time for deeper discussions, working out problems, and project-based learning.
Recording portions of your class lecture/direct instruction and posting them to class website as a resource to be revisited by students later for support/review.

What does this look like?
Physical Science

Finding Vectors


What content area can you create Flipped resources for?
All content areas

What can you use to create the resources?

GarageBand - Mac
3M Shoot N Share Cameras
Flip Cams
Digital cameras
iSight camera on Mac computers
SMARTBoard Notebook Recorder
Promethean Board Flipchart Screen Recorder
Urban Planet

How can Flipping be accessed by students?

Viewed on your Urban Planet classroom website on computer
Accessed on your Urban Planet website on Smart Phones
On stand-alone computer in classroom

Creative Ways To Publish Student Writing

How can you take the writing that students are doing in their writers' notebooks and publish it in ways that will motivate students to keep writing and share their writing with the global community.


Urban Planet
Google Sites

Free mini book creation software
Can do page, text, and picture formatting
Program does page layout for you

Upload a photo, outline the mouth, and copy in text, and create an talking photo.

Creating Radio Shows
Have students write stories first and then create all the sound effects with common objects and record with GarageBand or Audacity.


Free online webpages that allow you to set up who has viewing and editing rights


Create slideshows that allow you and others to annotate photos and add audio comments

SPPS Apps/Google Docs

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What is SPPS Apps (Google Docs)? Common Craft Explanation

What is available in SPPS Apps?
Contact List

Click here to create a staff account.

Click here to create a student account.

All secondary student accounts are already set up.
Google users need to be 13 to have an account, so if you teach elementary, you need to get parent permission to set up their accounts.

What is the advantage of SPPS Apps/Google Docs over a USB drive?
Knowing which is the latest copy
Always having access to your documents anywhere there is internet - Big Bang Theory Video
Easy distribution of assignments - paper-free
Allowing students to access work and assignments from any computer
Being able to collect work even if a student doesn't turn it in

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