Saturday, March 3, 2012

Flipped Classroom

How can you maximize your classroom time with your students and provide resources that will help students prepare for class, review after a lesson, and revisit materials and recordings for support? Try "Flipping Your Classroom!"

What is the Flipped Classroom model?

Transforming your direct instruction/lecture into a format that students can watch/listen to it at home and then using class time for deeper discussions, working out problems, and project-based learning.
Recording portions of your class lecture/direct instruction and posting them to class website as a resource to be revisited by students later for support/review.

What does this look like?
Physical Science

Finding Vectors


What content area can you create Flipped resources for?
All content areas

What can you use to create the resources?

GarageBand - Mac
3M Shoot N Share Cameras
Flip Cams
Digital cameras
iSight camera on Mac computers
SMARTBoard Notebook Recorder
Promethean Board Flipchart Screen Recorder
Urban Planet

How can Flipping be accessed by students?

Viewed on your Urban Planet classroom website on computer
Accessed on your Urban Planet website on Smart Phones
On stand-alone computer in classroom

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