Saturday, September 19, 2015

iPad Core Apps - Skitch

Have you ever wanted to add arrows and text to a photo to help explain something to someone or to point out something in the photo? If you answered yes, then Skitch may be the perfect app to help you annotate photos both on the iPad and on your computer.

What is Skitch?
Skitch is an app available for iPads and Apple computers that allows you to take a screenshot on Mac computers or select an image from Photos on the iPad or use the camera app on the iPad to take a photo. You can then use the built-in mark-up tools to annotate your photos or images with arrows, text, shapes, and stamps. There is also a helpful pixelation tool to pixelate faces, names, or text that you do not want to be recognizable in your photos.

Photos can be exported to Photos on the iPad or saved anywhere on your Mac computer and then can be shared via email or by Air Drop.

This is a great app to use with students to label items in the photos to demonstrate their learning or for teachers to give specific directions on how to use something or what to pay attention to in a photo.