Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Presenting Two Workshops At TIES17

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I received notification today that I have been selected to present two pre conference workshop sessions for the TIES Conference in December!

My weekend workshop sessions will be:

  • Amplifying Student Voice Beyond Classroom Walls
    • Explore iPad apps that will help you to amplify your ELA students' voice with an authentic global audience. These apps will inspire your students to read more, develop their presentation skills, and share their writing and thinking beyond the classroom walls.
  • 3-2-1 Tell Your Story With An Amazing Free Classroom Studio
    • Tap into the award-winning power of TouchCast's easy-to-use free iPad app to create an engaging, interactive mobile recording studio with multi-cam control of extra iPads, green screen, onscreen pop-up documents, and screencasting whiteboard. With a simple green screen, empower your students to share their learning live from within the structures of a cell to the surface of the moon or the depths of the ocean and other amazing locations. Ditch classroom newsletters and tell the story of your classroom or school with simple-to-create student-produced videos that build students' speaking and presentation skills and make learning fun. Great for highlighting your school with monthly principal-created videos parents will watch!

I am hoping that some of you may join me for these fun three-hour-long hands-on workshops on December 9 and 10!