Tuesday, August 4, 2015

iPadPaloozaMN: Create Metacognitive eBook Coaches

Ever wish that you could whisper in your student's ear while they are reading or working a math problem? What if every iBook you created had a personalized instructor or eCoach that could prompt students with metacognitive questions or remind them to use particular strategies? You could provide just-in-time support to your students even when you're not at their elbow or looking over their shoulder. If this sounds like a way to clone yourself and provide extra support to your students, then this session is just what you need.

Meet Your Personalized Instructor

Session Description:
Learn how to create talking metacognitive eBook coaches with free and low cost iOS apps. Snap a selfie or use a photo of a pet or even a cartoon, add a movable mouth, and record directions, homework hints, timely tips, and encouragement, and then app smash these recordings into your eBook creation app of choice. Voila ~ you have a personalized metacognitive coach to guide your students through tasks or to create a read aloud eBook.

Download some or all of the apps below to play along today.
Book Creator for iPad

Camera App - Video - Use the camera app on your iPad in video mode to record yourself giving directions or hints.

Photos and built-in audio tool in Book Creator - Take a picture of something with your camera app on your iPad  and add narration with the audio tool in the Inspector in Book Creator.

Paper Fifty-Three 


ChatterPix Kid

Tellagami - free and in-app purchases

My Talking Avatar - free and paid versions

Crazy Talk Free

My Pet Can Talk


Animate Me

Photo Talk Free


Green Screen by Do Ink

Explain Everything

Photo Blather - In order to save need to pay $0.99 in app fee for Extras

MorfoIn order to save need to pay $0.99 in app fee for Extras

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Book Creator for iPad App Giveaway
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courtesy of Book Creator and were present for the session.

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