Tuesday, August 19, 2014

SAMR Model Use

I recently had the opportunity to reflect on my conversation with Dr. Ruben Puentedura about his views on the various SAMR Model graphic organizers at ISTE2014 in Atlanta.

My school district is going 1:1 with iPads and part of that work is to help our teachers and staff stay focused on the pedagogy of personalized learning rather than being overwhelmed by the glitz of devices even though that can be an important factor in engaging digital age students.

I created the video below reflecting on my conversation with Dr. Puentedura as an introductory tool for teachers and administrators who are unfamiliar with the SAMR Model to reinforce for them the transitory nature of technology integration in the classroom in terms of moving back and forth between the levels. While our goal is to help students and teachers to use technology in ways that exemplify the Modification and Redefinition levels of the SAMR model, the way that technology is used in the classroom depends upon the task.

A teacher might have students Skyping with an expert in a particular field one day and using the Notes app on the iPad the next day as a tool for taking notes, which is a totally appropriate usage. The SAMR Model, when used as a self-reflective hierarchical model, helps teachers and students to be more aware of how they are using technology and reminds them to strive for the higher levels of Modification and Redefinition which will have the greatest impact on students learning.

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