Saturday, March 14, 2015

What I Learned At My First PLAYDATE

I spent the morning at PLAYDATE at TIES today.

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What is a PLAYDATE?
"PLAYDATE (People Learning and Asking ‘Y,” Digital Age Technology Exploration) is a space for us to come together and collaboratively explore these tools we’ve always wanted to learn more about. Modeled after an unconference or an EdCamp, the sessions will be participant-driven, exploration-based, and hands on."

This video helps explain what PLAYDATE is about:

Another blog entry coming soon with my learning from today, but overall I took away a few key ideas about what makes a PLAYDATE event successful:
1. Like an EdCamp, sessions are proposed and led by participants based on the interests of the group. 
2. Sessions are all about having a discussion, playing with the tool, device, software, etc., and trying things out. 
3. Time to just explore with no pressure is invaluable to thinking about how new technologies, devices, software, ideas fit it with curriculum and instructional practices. 
4. Having the new devices available allows you to explore and play without the pressure of having to vouch for the value-added component of something before you have even had a chance to try it out.  
5. People are key. Having knowledgable people who have tried things, devices, software to some extent already is critical. Being able to tap into their knowledge prevents you from floundering and losing out on the value of exploration with devices or software that have a lot of bells and whistles to figure out.

I give today a giant thumbs up and look forward to the next opportunity to play and learn.

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