Tuesday, July 14, 2015

FlipCon15 - Flipped Classroom Learning On The Go With iBooks

Thanks to everyone who attended my session at the 8th Annual Flipped Learning Conference held in East Lansing, Michigan on creating textbooks, long or short, for students using flipped classroom content created by yourself or curated from Creative Commons licensed resources.

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Session Description:
Are you interested in creating your own curriculum materials and developing an interactive textbook that combines flipped classroom content and creative commons licensed materials to create a personalized learning experience that students can take on the go with them and access on their iPads with or without wifi access? This session explores how to create interactive flipped content with a variety of free and low-cost tools that can then be easily imported into the free iBooks Author program to create and publish your own iBooks that can be downloaded onto the iPad. A variety of ways to use widgets, video, and interactive elements to enrich your text and make the learning experience more personalized, engaging, and interactive will be shared and demonstrated.

Shared Notes
Please contribute to the shared notes doc if you know of resources not included in this blog post.

iBook and eBook Creation Tools
iBooks Author - app for Mac computers
iBooks - iPad and Mac app for reading iBooks
Book Creator - iPad app and PC app

Creative Commons Licensed Images
Morgue File
Wylie Image Search
World Images
Animal Photos
The Noun Project
Google Images Advanced Search - Free to Use and Share

Format - .mp4 file extension

Format - AAC  - .m4a file extension

Other Widget Creation Tools
Bookry - sign up for free account
iAD Producer - free
Tumult Hype

File Types
iba - editable iBooks Author file
ibooks - finished book - cannot be edited

iTunes - with iTunes Producer
iTunes U

FlipCon15 Interactive Book Example
Sample book showing some of the interactivity that you can quickly create with iBooks Author, the standard iBooks Author widgets, and some of the Bookry widgets.
Tap on the link above > Download > Direct download > No thanks, continue to download (at the bottom of the pop up window) > Open in "iBooks" (This won't appear until the book has downloaded to your iPad so there may be a short pause depending on your Internet connection.)

Great Example Available in iTunes iBooks Store
Uses iBooks Author widgets and widgets created with iAD Producer and Tumult Hype
Writing Tune-Ups: Adjectives & Opening Adjectives by Shawn Jacob, East Zeeland East High School

Mirroring iPad to Computer
You can mirror the screen of your iPad onto your computer, which can then be projected by using the Reflector app on your computer. This makes it easy to project your iPad for your students or for a presentation while still allowing you to move around the room.

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