Monday, December 14, 2015

TIES15 - Ditch School Newsletters For Interactive TouchCast Videos

Ditch your monthly classroom and school newsletters that never survive the trip home in students' backpacks. Create dynamic video newscasts that include interactive images and documents that can be accessed onscreen in the video itself with the free iPad app TouchCast, which makes green screen videos simple to create, fun to share, and very professional looking with almost no work! Engage your audience and let them really see and connect with you. Let your students create weekly classroom videos to share with parents, the community, and a global audience to get them excited about school.

Apps Featured:
TouchCast Studio

TouchCast Remote

Examples Of Principal TouchCasts:

Greenwood Elementary Principal Brad Gustafson

Examples Of Teacher TouchCasts:
Lesson On Earthquakes

Examples Of Student TouchCasts:
Gregor Mendel

Radioactive Elements in Chemistry

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