Tuesday, June 28, 2016

ISTE2016 - AirSquirrels and Book Creator - Better Together

Today I had a great opportunity as an Alpha Squirrel to present in the AirSquirrels booth in the Exhibit Hall at ISTE2016. Lucky me!

Better Together - Resources
Apps featured:
Reflector 2 (runs on computer)
Air Parrot 2 (runs on computer)
Book Creator for iPad (iOS, Android, & Windows)


Superhero Book Buddie

Student Books:
Class Books
Supergirl PDF
Supergirl video

Fifth grade students created a narrative ebook for their kindergarten reading buddy. Students interviewed their buddy and then created a storyboard with the details for their books. Once the storyboards were finished, I began using Reflector 2 to mirror my iPad through my laptop to the classroom LCD projector. I modeled the content for each page in Book Creator so that the students had clear expectations of what content should be on each page and the basic how-to's of Book Creator.

Students quickly learned how to use Book Creator and began app-smashing images and text through a variety of apps to add creativity that I didn't even expect to their books.

Book Creator for iPad made creating books simple and allowed students to create and publish books to share with their buddies, giving them an authentic audience. Reflector 2 made it easy for me to show students tips and tricks as I walked around the classroom by mirroring my iPad and allowing me to remain mobile.

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