Thursday, August 4, 2016

iPadpaloozaMN - App Smash Superhero Buddy Books With Book Creator

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Looking for ways to inspire and publish student writing? Come explore how to use the amazing Book Creator For iPad app in combination with a handful of other free apps to app smash a superhero buddy book to publish student writing and build a relationship between upper and lower grade elementary students. Follow the epic journey of book buddy superheroes as you walk through the features of the easy-to-use Book Creator app, explore image editing and drawing apps and app smash your own book. Export options allow the book to be shared and read on a variety of devices.


Student Examples
St. Anthony Park Elementary 5th Grade Book Buddy Books

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Book Creator
Book Creator for iPad
Book Creator Free - Try it out - you will love it!
Book Creator is also available for Windows and Android.

Book Creator Basics - How to get started creating your first book.
Book Creator Support - Help topics and tutorials for iPads and Android devices.

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Paper by FiftyThree
Paper by FiftyThree - Sketch, draw, take notes, and more

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PicCollage - Photo collage editor and grid layout
Pic Collage For Kids

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Reflector 2
Reflector 2 - Mirror your iPad screen to your computer.
Available for Apple, Windows, and Android.

Reflector 2 Support - Help topics for iOS, Android, and Windows.
Mirroring iPad Screen
Recording and Narrating iPad Actions

Alternative Mobile Learning Apps
Here's a link to add other apps or websites that you might use in addition to or instead of the ones listed here.
Please add your suggestions.

Responses - Check out alternative apps and websites to accomplish these same tasks.

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