Sunday, May 31, 2015

FlipCon15 PreSession Work - Creating Flipped Lessons On and For the iPad

I will be presenting a poster session at the 8th Annual Flipped Learning Conference this summer on Creating Flipped Lessons On and For the iPad.

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Please share your expertise and help me crowd source some ideas about iOS apps, applications, and Web 2.0 tools that teachers use to create instructional lessons and materials for use on the students' iPads as well as iOS apps and Web 2.0 tools that students can use on the iPad to demonstrate their learning!

I don't know how many times I have been at a conference and heard that no one is smarter than the room.  Too often I think we try to recreate the wheel rather than tapping into the collective knowledge that already exists.

For one of my sessions at the upcoming FlipCon15 Conference, I would like to put the crowd sourcing concept into practice. Whether you will be going to FlipCon15 or not, if you have any experience with flipped learning or using iPads with students in the classroom, please take the short survey below and share your expertise.

FlipCon15 PreSession Work:
Please complete the following PreSession Work:
1. Complete the short survey below.
2. Think about which Web 2.0 tools, and applications teachers can use to create flipped instructional lessons and resources and which apps and Web 2.0 tools students can use to demonstrate their learning.

Crowd-sourced results from survey and tutorial videos will be shared during session at FlipCon15. Bring an iPad and come prepared to discuss apps and share ideas! 

If you are not attending FlipCon15, you can check back on this blog later for links to results spreadsheet and tutorial videos.

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