Thursday, June 12, 2014

Apple App Aptitude

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Apple will be leading a two-day 1:1 Curriculum in an iPad Learning Environment training for us next week and participants will be divided into subject area groups. I'm interested to see which apps the Apple trainers will be featuring and demonstrating.  It seems like almost every blog has their own set of recommended top apps for the iPad with only a little overlap.

Not getting caught up in the need to constantly be searching for, trying out, and downloading apps for each content area seems key to a successful implementation of iPads in the classroom. Teachers need to be able to rely on a core set of content creation apps that work consistently for all subject areas and then supplement with a few specialized apps that enhance their content curriculum.

I'm excited to get started on our district's 1:1 rollout and can't wait to get iPads into the hands of our students.  So much needs to be done in advance though to ensure a smooth rollout.  Lots of work to be done by many this summer.

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