Sunday, June 15, 2014

Chilly Gonzales - Finding Joy In Limitations

Earlier this week I was looking for one of the first TV commercials for the original iPad and found the ad featuring the snappy, fun little tune "Never Stop" by Chilly Gonzales.

Chilly Gonzales (Jason Charles Beck), a Canadian pianist, producer, and songwriter, created the Re-Introduction Etudes, a book of 24 easy-to-play piano pieces for frustrated pianists looking to renew their joy in playing the piano. In the video below he talks about how limitations lead to joy and some really great piano compositions, including the Jaws Theme and Gonzales' own tune Tarantula, played with a limited number of keys or semitones.

In much the same way as Gonzales describes how both he and Sting have used limitations to compose, it seems that beginning with a limited number of apps on the iPad can lead to that same joy for teachers by providing a limited set of content creation and consumption apps to learn and master before needing to expand their repertoire to additional selected apps that enhance their own content subject area. By limiting the number of new apps that teachers need to work with, they can produce their own iPad etudes that will allow students to demonstrate their academic skills and techniques.

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