Monday, June 9, 2014

Evolution of iPads

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Ever since my school district announced that we will be rolling out 1:1 iPads for teachers and students over the next two years, I have been thinking about the evolution of the iPad.

Over the course of just three years, Apple has developed five different models with a sixth soon to be released. Each one touting a new iOS operating system with hardware and software features better than the one before it. With the multitude of tablets on the market, Apple has found a way to distinguish themselves from the rest and to garner a sizable chunk of the education market in the process.

Issuing iPads to our students will help teachers to personalize learning for students by integrating technology and leveraging the content creation apps available on the iPads to allow for more student voice and choice in how students will demonstrate their learning.  Content creation apps will allow students to show their learning through Keynote presentations, podcasts, iBooks, videos, etc. Using the iPad will allow teachers to tap into the innovative playful social multimedia consumption and creation apps that appeal so much to students.

I couldn't help but search on YouTube for one of the first commercials for the original iPad!

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