Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Paper Free Moving Day

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Today is moving day at the office.  We are moving to a temporary summer location due to remodeling taking place at the school that our department is located in.

For the last year, I've been attempting to be as paper free as possible. It's actually more challenging than it sounds. Most meetings and trainings that I have been to involve anywhere from one to two to an entire packet of paper. I have been trying to scan any documents that I really think I need to keep following each meeting, but sometimes other things needed to be done and those extra papers somehow found their way into an assortment of folders in my desk drawer.  As I was packing up my desk today, I had to deal with those folders, and of course, there was no time for scanning today. So into the moving box those folders went!

When we move back in August and I unpack my two boxes, I'm sure I will have other things on my mind and task list at that time and back into my desk drawer those folders will go.  Or will they? We're scheduled to begin "hoteling" in our new office space, meaning that we won't all have an assigned desk or a desk at all anymore.  It will be even more important for me to keep up with reducing the amount of paper build up next year in order to offset not having a drawer to stick those folders into.

One day perhaps all meetings and trainings will evolve to the level of offering PDFs of any handouts posted online to be downloaded for those who like to have paper to take notes on and doodle on and for those who want to import a PDF into an iPad app and create digital notes and doodles.

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